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Welcome to the Whisper Words wiki, for players in the western MA based Dark Sun campaign. This will be our primary method of communicating with one other, so come back often.

As of mid-February, we are still recruiting players. This campaign is open to anyone interested in playing, provided that…

  • You are a mature person. Though maturity is not always measured by age, some of us are in our 40s, so players in their 20s-50s are a better match.
  • You are socially adept. You can communicate socially, be friendly and you like people. Sadly, not everyone in the gaming community fits that description.
  • You want to play a game with a good mix of role playing, skill challenges and combat. This is not a munchkin game.
  • You want to have fun and contribute to the fun of the other players and the game master.

If this is you, welcome aboard!

Main Page

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